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Skogafoss Waterfall
Mount Myōkō

Terra Sophia Ranch is located north of Philo, California in the glorious Anderson Valley. The ranch is 20 acres of rustic beauty, wildlife, flora and fauna. 

This was the home of Sue Hoya Sellars – where she had her studio and created many of her amazing paintings. Her modest house is now a museum for her artwork and creative genius.  

There is lodging nearby or limited camping available on the land for those staying for both days. All details will be sent to you upon registration.

A Zen Creativity Retreat on the Mountain
Terra Sophia Ranch

September 23 + 24, 2017
One or Two Day Class

with Intentional Creativity Teacher Annette Wagner 
and special guest Shiloh Sophia

A weekend retreat in connection with the earth. Learning the practice of sumi-e.
Walking in nature. Creating earth prayers.
Teachings from the TAO book of painting.
Red thread on the land of Sue Hoya Sellars. 

Ch’i is manifest in men and things
as breath and soul and spirit.

In painting,
Ch’i is both the creative resources of the painter
and the essential vitality
– spiritual, divine, and creative –
that can be transmitted to a painting
and perceived by the spectator.

The Tao of Painting, Volume One, page 54-55

Annette Wagner (with Sue Hoya Sellars)

Annette Wagner is a working artist, creativity coach, and Intentional Creativity teacher. She creates and shares her almost-daily Earth Prayers on social media as part of her sumi-e practice. Annette has been teaching and coaching since 2010 and is currently faculty at the Color of Woman School (where new IC teachers receive their training). 

Annette has visited a wide variety of places in her travels including the streets of Edinburgh, Monet’s Gardens in France, the wilds of Death Valley National Park, mountain tops in the eastern Sierras, and Magruder Road in Montana. Adventures!

Annette was taught sumi-e by American Master painter Sue Hoya Sellars who was taught by her teacher, Lenore Thomas Straus. Annette’s background includes a MA in Women’s Spirituality as well as 21 patents from her many years in hi-tech land. She is a certified instructor of the Intentional Creativity method developed by Shiloh Sophia, a certified Expressive Arts teacher and a card carrying member of Cosmic Cowgirls.

Paintings and stories: annettewagnerart.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConnectingtoYourCreativeSelf/

Lineage & Legacy

The brush is an extension of our heart. 

~ Annette Wagner

We will walk in nature and explore the patterns and wisdom of this planet, bringing our sketchbook along with us. Annette will share her techniques for plein air sumi-e style and sketching on the trail – a practice you can take with you anywhere you go. 

Sue Hoya Sellars was taught the practice of sumi-e by her mentor and teacher, Lenore Straus. Sue, in turn taught her students. Annette and Shiloh will share the wisdom of this ancient chinese brush painting practice with you straight from the TAO book of painting.

Committing ourselves to a daily creative practice is a key piece of staying in touch with and feeding our own creative source. Sue believed in carrying a notebook everywhere she went and we will talk about how to do this in our daily lives as we sit in red thread circle. 

Walking in Nature

An Intentional Creative Practice

Sept. 23 at
One Day Class $145


Sept. 23 & 24
Two Day Class $200


Included in the first day of class is a guided 
tour of Sue's house. Bring along a lunch to eat each day in community – and something to share if you so desire. 

No prior experience needed. Materials provided.

Shiloh Sophia (with Sue Hoya Sellars)

Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! For 25 years she has dedicated herself to art as a tool for transformation. Through paintings, poetry and teachings she reaches thousands throughout the world providing encouragement for the journey. 

She is the leader of a revolutionary education movement focused in Intentional Creativity; as offered in the Color of Woman Teacher Training. In collaboration with her husband Jonathan, she runs the Cosmic Cowgirls Ranch with a gallery, classroom, farm, vineyard and lodge in California. She can be found most mornings having tea with her Muse and kitties, Frida and Diego.

Poetry and Paintings: www.shilohsophia.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Artist.Shiloh.Sophia

In the lineage of Intentional Creativity, Sue Hoya Sellars, our Art Matriarch, is the one who planted the seeds, taught us to paint the cosmos, told us to "commit art" and took us on nature walks every chance she got. She was a wise and wise-cracking artist who was also the protege of Lenore Straus Thomas, a stone sculptor from the 1930s. Lenore taught Sue the art of sumi-e, ancient chinese brush painting. Sue passed on this practice as it was taught to her.  

Annette Wagner, one of Sue’s students, will teach the practice of sumi-e as Sue taught it to her – a practice you can take with you anywhere you travel. 

Shiloh Sophia, founder of the Intentional Creativity movement and Sue’s protege and daughter of her heart, will join us on the first day to share with us Sue's words and her wisdom direct from the TAO of painting and the notebooks of the master. 

We will sit in red thread circle, listen to the words of a master, and learn to “write” what we see as we walk in nature. Join us!

JOIN US for One day or Both days!

Option 1: Sept. 23: Sumi-e on the Go 
with special guest Shiloh Sophia

Terra Sophia Ranch, Philo, CA
Doors open 10:30am. 11am to 5pm
Tuition $145 for one day.

Option 2: Sept. 23 + Sept. 24: 

ZEN Creativity Retreat on the Mountain

Terra Sophia Ranch, Philo, CA
Noon to Sunset on the land
Tuition $200 for both days.

“Paint like that’s what you’re doing for the rest of your life.” 
– Sue Hoya Sellars

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the ancient practice of sumi-e in a way that you can take with you anywhere you travel.
  • Renew your connection to the earth with your own earth prayers.
  • Shift your relationship to how you see the world around you as you learn to 'write' what you see.
  • Change the way you hold your brushes and how you paint.
  • Hear the stories of the lineage of sumi-e in the Intentional Creativity movement.
  • Be inspired by the words of the masters from the TAO of painting books.